appreciation marketing

TN²T© Appreciation Marketing

You’ve heard it said that it costs half as much to keep a customer than it does to find a new one. So, how do you keep your clients? Do they know how much you appreciate them?

We have coined the TN²T© Appreciation Marketing phrase, which simply means, The Next Nice Thing. It is easy and inexpensive to execute a good TN²T plan and we created a system with a proven track record of helping you keep your customers.

Not only do you spend less marketing dollars keeping your existing clients but you will spend far less advertising dollars increasing your customer base through referrals from existing customers than you will from trying to convince new clients to do business with you.

Our process of this priceless system will teach you how to effectively track and monitor every touch you give each client and will launch you so far ahead of your competitors they will never be able to catch up!

To view the tool that we use to appreciate and keep in touch with our clients, vendors, and employees watch this 3 minute video at and then give us a call to schedule a lunch and learn with your company.

In 90 minutes we can teach you how to increase your revenues and client base through this simple yet powerful TN²T Appreciation Marketing method.