Non Profits

Genesis Strategic Planning, Inc., offers non-profits professional development services for employee, board, and volunteer satisfaction; we tailor programs to address your unique organizational needs. Ask us about our special non-profit discounts.

Non Profit Services

Board Retreats are available with our staff to facilitate retreats and help develop your agenda, permitting the executive director and other staff members’ full integration with the board. Job Benchmarking is strategically engineered for job descriptions and for understanding the behavior and motivational hardwiring of the person who is best suited to succeed in the position. Job Benchmarking

team development

Board Development is an area we facilitate addressing the strategic organizational needs for your organization’s board. For example, some organizations are best served by a working board, a fundraising board or a mastermind board. Knowing your unique non-profit fingerprint makes board development an achievable goal. Dynamic Communication and Motivator Workshops focused on the DISC assessment. The DISC assessment focuses on four behavioral styles which are D-Dominant, I-Influencer, S-Steady, and C-Conscientious. In addition, the values that motivate behaviors are explored and addressed for results.
Change Management enhances the ability to process alterations and move forward quickly–a must for any and all redirections that require thoughtful action and avoidance of unintended consequences. Leadership Development based on more than 20 years of global research by Kouzes-Posner. Leadership is a lifelong learning process and this development Philadelphia limo service program includes a powerful 360-degree online feedback assessment.
EQ-Emotional Intelligence is an assessment identifies a baseline and great development information to move forward. Some studies suggest EQ can be even more important than IQ. Team Building, based on Patrick Lencioni’s model, which focuses on trust building, commitment, healthy conflict resolution, accountability and results.
Hybrid-Coaching is a model focusing on stakeholders for maximum results. Applied Strategic Planning is a model for enhancing organizational capacity for thinking and acting strategically.
appreciation marketing TN²T Appreciation Marketing produces practical action steps and a report card that measures your appreciation marketing results in a bold way.