These are the three foundational pillars on which you build your dreams and goals. Once this ground work is complete, your foundation is in place, you are able to keep your focus clear and your attention on the things that drive bottom line results.

From your “why statement”, the reason you are doing what you are doing, we help you to tap into your core values that will enhance your vision and bring forth your mission for your life’s work. Each session is as unique as the individuals participating and critical that all key decision-makers participant in this process. Because the long term success is based on this group of people working as a close cohesive team we recommend that this process is broken into two separate four hour sessions. The first session begins with a DISC Assessment. Understanding the behaviors and motivators of each individual is vital in the success plan of any organization. After completing this work together you will walk away with a better understanding of the strengths of each person on the team and what motivates and drives them towards higher achievements. You will gain better communication skills and develop stronger trust based working relationships.The second session delves into that “why statement” and together as a team you will work through the process of discovering the core values of each individual, the vision of the business and the mission of the work.
The decision-making team will be left with a clear vision, a higher level of communication skills, a deeper understanding of the power of relationships and team work, the ability to use conflict as a growth vehicle, and a process in place by which all and ideas are sifted through before making final decisions.