Transform Your Leadership 360 Degrees


The Leadership Challenge Workshop is designed to measure where you are TODAY and provide the tools to propel you forward to become the leader you want to be TOMORROW. There is the risk that comes with being vulnerable, but it is that step that strengthens us!

Remember, great leaders LEARN great leadership skills. Take the Leadership Challenge for behaviors based powerful results.

One of the most advanced industry tools we utilize today is the 360? Leadership Performance Inventory crafted by renowned researchers Posner and Kouzes . Improve your abilities as a strong leader using their Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership that has been embraced by more than 1 million people around the world.

These powerful practices are:

The Leadership Challenge Workshop delves into your on line self assessment as well as those of 10 others who have been involved in observing your leadership behaviors. You will come away with concise, manageable, action steps that can be implemented immediately to improve your leadership effectiveness.

GSP is strategically partnered and proud to offer The Leadership Challenge Workshops.