Faith Based

Genesis Strategic Planning, Inc., offers your faith-based organization services to positively influence your bottom line and inspire your future work. We provide discovery services that tailor programs to your organizational needs. We are here to support your organization’s vision and people.

Faith Based Services

Genesis Strategic Planning is a faith-based, strategic planning model that enhances organizational capacity for thinking and acting strategically. The model is based on the Genesis creation account and parallels the strategy of creation with your unique organizational tactical needs. Intercessory Prayer Team Development is key for the faith-based organization. Having prayer support is like being covered in camouflage for engaging in battle for the Kingdom.

Job Benchmarking

Job Benchmarking is strategically engineered for job descriptions and for understanding the behavior and motivational hardwiring of the person who is best suited to succeed in the position. Change Management enhances the ability to process alterations and move forward quickly–a must for any and all redirections that require thoughtful action and avoidance of unintended consequences.
Dynamic Communication and Motivator Workshops focused on the DISC assessment. The DISC assessment focuses on four behavioral styles which are D-Dominant, I-Influencer, S-Steady, and C-Conscientious. In addition, the values that motivate behaviors are explored and addressed for results. Professional Development Certificate Series is a certificate program developed by Mary Jane Thome, a true expert in the field of curriculum development. Two-hour blocks focus on trust, feedback, change management, hiring and conflict resolution and more.
EQ-Emotional Intelligence is an assessment identifies a baseline and great development information to move forward. Some studies suggest EQ can be even more important than IQ. Sales Skills Index is an assessment that identifies the important aspects of “the sale” that may need tuning up. Discovery of everything from first impression to closing makes this assessment a must.
appreciation marketing TN²T Appreciation Marketing produces practical action steps and a report card that measures your appreciation marketing results in a bold way. Leadership Development is based on more than 20 years of global research by Kouzes-Posner.
Hybrid-Coaching is a model focusing on stakeholders for maximum results. Team Building is based on Patrick Lencioni’s model from his classic bestseller.

team development

Facilitation is key and GSP’s professional facilitators are available to facilitate meetings and retreats
for maximum stakeholder input.